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Ethernet switch TFortis PSW-2G6F+UPS-Box

Ethernet switch TFortis PSW-2G6F+UPS-Box

Proizvođač: Tfortis

OEM kôd: 

AIC kôd: TF001

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TFortis PSW-2G6F+UPS-Box Switch

Opis proizvoda

TFortis PSW-2G6F+UPS-Box is a multifunction gigabit outdoor managed switch designed for the construction of IP video surveillance networks.

The switch enclosure is made of reinforced polycarbonate and is absolutely corrosion-resistant.
The material and structure of the switch enclosure provide:

  • 100% corrosion protection due to glass-filled polycarbonate
  • IK10 impact protection rating due to fiber glass reinforcement
  • Dust and moisture protection – IP66
  • Fire resistance – UL94-5VA
  • Electrical insulation – 1500VDC
  • UV resistance – UL 508.

Operation in extreme temperatures

The switch is built based on industrial hardware with a wide range of operating temperatures.

Application of industrial SFP modules ensures normal operation in the temperature range from minus 60°C to plus 50°C and above.

TFortis PSW-2G+UPS-Box includes:

  • switch board
  • uninterruptible power system
  • heated battery compartment
  • two batteries (12 V, 12 A*h)
  • lightning protection modules
  • optical distribution frame
  • tamper sensor
  • dry contact
  • relay output
  • 230 V terminal clamps
  • switch

Built-in UPS

The switch controls the input voltage of 230V. If it deviates from the norm, it switches to battery power.

Deviation from the norm is:

  • Power failure
  • Voltage below 180V or above 260V (phase imbalance)
  • Voltage 400V (zero loss or connection error)
It is important! Switching to battery power occurs without interruption in the operation of the switch.

Depending on the total consumption of connected cameras, the switch automatically calculates the remaining uptime. 
Information about this is sent via the Syslog, SNMP protocols to the server.
To monitor the status of the switch, it is recommended to use the free TFortis Device Manager software.​
Heated battery compartment

Two rechargeable batteries with a voltage of 12V and a capacity of 12A * h are installed in a heated compartment
,inside which a comfortable temperature for the battery is maintained even -60C overboard.​
Built-in optical cross

The presence of an optical cross allows you to weld the optics inside the device and connect it to the SFP modules.​
Power Connection Unit

The power connection unit is a separate switch element located in the lower right part of the cabinet.
It is a small removable metal structure, on which are located: ground screw, terminal clamps and switch.​

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