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Rak Wireless Wisblock 0-5v Interface Module

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Proizvođač: Rak Wireless

Šifra: RAK100014

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WisBlock 0-5V interface Module

Opis proizvoda

Product Description

RAK5811 is a WisBlock Interface that extends the WisBlock system with analog input ports. A ready-to-use SW library and tutorial makes it easy to connect any sensor that is using an 0 to 5V analog interface.

RAK5811 has 2 analog input ports that are connected to the ADC ports of the WisBlock Core module. In addition, an I2C interface connection is available on the crimping terminal.

RAK5811 combined with the RAK4631 WisBlock Core gives your solution an interface to industrial sensors and actuators that uses an analog signal.

This interface is the bridge between such sensors and LoRaWan® communication, LoRa® point to point connections, or BLE.

RAK5811 is ideal for battery-powered applications because of its low power consumption.

In addition, the WisBlock system allows to power down the module completely to reduce the power consumption of the system even more.

Key Features

2 analog input ports
    10mV accuracy
    0-5V input range
    Analog to digital converter module.
    Low power consumption
    Small form factor

Package Inclusion

1pc RAK5811