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Rak Wireless Wisblock 3-axis Acceleration Sensor

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Proizvođač: Rak Wireless

Šifra: RAK100013

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WisBlock 3-axis acceleration sensor

Opis proizvoda

Product Description

RAK1904 is a WisBlock Sensor which extends the WisBlock system with an acceleration sensor.

A ready to use SW library and tutorial makes it easy to build up motion data acquisition system.

RAK1904's scale from ±2g to ±16g can be adjusted to the requirements of your application.

Depending on the application the data rates can be adjusted from 1Hz to 5.3kHz.

RAK1904 combined with the RAK4631 WisBlock Core is ready to go system for a motion tracking system, detecting and monitor vibrations in rotating machinery or even to monitor active volcanoes.

The acquired data can be send using LoRaWan® communication, LoRa® point to point connections and BLE.

RAK1904 is ideal for battery-powered applications because of its low power consumption. In addition, the WisBlock system allows to power down the module complete to reduce the power consumption of the system even more.

RAK1904 acceleration sensor can be joined with other WisBlock sensors like a GPS module to create an inertial navigation system.

Key Features

Using the ST LIS3DH acceleration sensor
    Low power consumption
    Small form factor
    User-selectable scales of ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g
    Data acquisition rates from 1Hz to 5.3kHz.
    Internal buffer for 32 levels of 16-bit data

Package Inclusions

1pc RAK1904