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RAK18001 - 1

Rak Wireless Wisblock Buzzer Module

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Proizvođač: Rak Wireless

Šifra: RAK100019

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WisBlock Buzzer Module

Opis proizvoda

Product Description

RAK18001 module has a buzzer. The sound and loudness can be controlled over a PWM signal from the WisBlock Core.

The buzzer can be used as an alarm signal or as audible feedback to the user. It is even possible to play a small melody with the buzzer.
RAK18001 can be mount to slots A, B, C, or D of RAK5005-O, it is controlled by an IO pin.

Key Features

    3V input voltage, on/off control by the WisBlock Core module
    75dB sound output at 10cm distance
    PWM controlled
    10x10mm size