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ClearOne Unite 180

ClearOne Unite 180

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ClearOne Unite 180

Opis proizvoda

UNITE 180 ePTZ professional camera provides a full 180-degree panoramic field-of-view with “real-time stitching” to achieve a variety of useful viewing modes for any application and environment.

  • Designed for professional-quality visual collaboration, conferencing, UC applications, distance learning, and more, the new UNITE 180 camera provides six viewing modes for room and participant close-ups.
  • Large classroom settings, training centers, or any wide conferencing area are all captured and presented with perfect clarity in any of the viewing mode options.
  • A 4x zoom enhances the UNITE 180 feature set.
  • Display modes include:
    1. a. Compose Mode presents a panoramic view along with optional close-ups of up to eight people using people tracking.
    2. b. Manual Mode is a perfect option for focusing on a specific area of the meeting room.
    3. c. Autoframing Mode automatically frames participants in the room.
    4. d. Grid Mode uses people tracking to track each participant in a separate window showing up to four participants.
    5. e. Speaker Mode detects the presenter which is a particularly useful feature in classrooms.
    6. f. Presentation Mode features a content-sharing window on the main screen with a picture-in-picture floating window of the presenter.
    7. The UNITE 180 is compatible with all popular cloud-based video collaboration applications including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Space and others.
    8. Comes with a free 2-year support and maintenance warranty with additional extension options.

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