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MuxLab Dante Column Speakers PoE, 60W

MuxLab Dante Column Speakers PoE, 60W

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Dante Two Column Speakers POE, 60W

Opis proizvoda

The MuxLab Dante 60W Column Speaker PoE (500220) is a speaker designed with advanced linear sound source technology, each speaker consists of 4 3-inch ferrite bass drivers with 25mm voice coils. It meets the design requirements of linear sound sources and has broad horizontal directivity and narrow vertical directivity, sending the sound to the target area accurately, avoiding reflection from the ceiling and ground while increases the proportion of direct and reverberation sound to greatly improve speech clarity.

The MuxLab Dante 60W Column Speaker PoE is mainly used in speech sound reinforcement system, works as the main loudspeaker in a multifunctional small conference room, or the supplementary loudspeaker in the medium-sized conference room. Could be used in small music sound reinforcement systems with subwoofer loudspeakers, and can also be used with the latest Dolby surround sound systems as left or right surround, back surround, or ceiling surrounds sound box use.

It supports a variety of installation methods including a convenient U-shaped frame. The special U frame provides two modes: fixed angle and adjustable angle. In the adjustable mode, the adjustment up and down angle is 15 degrees. You can also use the universal NBT717M wall mount frame or a vertical and horizontal multi-angle frame to hoist the speakers.

The MuxLab Dante 60W Column Speaker PoE has a small and exquisite appearance, the cabinet is made of high-quality wood, which restores the original sound. The clean finish on the surface of the cabinet allows the speaker to adapt to different decorative styles. Free software calibration tool available to customize speaker sound settings. The MuxLab Dante 60W Column Speakers are sold in pairs.


  • Supports the Dante protocol
  • Built-in power amplifier module
  • Precise DSP matching
  • Power Supply via PoE
  • Various installation methods
  • Supports cascaded connections
  • Compatible with standard NBT717M frame
  • Free sound calibration software tool available
  • Sleek and ultra-thin design suitable for all indoor installations
  • Sold in pairs

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