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Longitudinal fiber cable stripper 6-12mm - 1

Longitudinal fiber cable stripper 6-12mm

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Longitudinal fiber cable stripper 6-12mm

Opis proizvoda

On-line stripping aluminum - Polyethylene bonded sheath, steel armor outer sheath and a metal reinforcing member sheathed cable

The cutter head selection of quality materials, cut the cable sheath more labor-saving

Cutter depth adjustable, can deal with different thickness of the optical cable sheath layer

Compared with similar products, more simple operation, quick and convenient.

Method of Use:

According to the jacket thickness adjusting bit depth, allowing for online cable opening knife hole sheathed cable sheath in cable sheath, cutting marking, hold the cable opening knife on both sides of the handle, so that the cutter head is embedded into the cable sheath, along the sheath pulling the knife head, realize the on-line stripping cable sheath.