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Kevlar Scissors - 1

Klešta za sečenje kevlara

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Kevlar Scissors

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Caulfield Industrial is proud to include the Kevlar Scissors amongst our extensive collection of knives and scissors. We know how difficult it can be to cut through fiber optic cables, especially when they have been heavily reinforced with aramid yarn, more commonly known as Kevlar. With these shears you will be able to slice through Kevlar effortlessly and in less time than ever before.

Boasting blades made from high carbon molybdenum and vanadium steel, the shears are extremely durable and will remain sharp for a long time, saving you from having to buy a new pair of shears. In addition, one of the blades has a micro-serrated edge which will stop the Kevlar from slipping when you are cutting it.

Scissors are also small and lightweight, making them easy to transport. What’s more, their ergonomic moulded handles have been designed to provide extra comfort for both right- and left-handed users.