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  • Full active-active redundancy
  • Intuitive management interface
  • Hot software update
  • Cross-platform
  • Linear scaling
  • Adaptation to customer requirements

ECSS-10 Soft switch

ECSS-10 - software and hardware solution, designed for building integrated info-communication network connection operator and enterprise-level,using packet-based technology. The complex is a set of hardware and software components developed and produced by ELTEX, providing a high level of reliability.


Flexible soft switch 4/5 classes ECSS-10 - a universal system for the construction of communication nodes of different levels:
  • Enterprise
  • Operator (local, zonal, transit, intercity, international)

Key features

  • flexible modular architecture of the Complex, allowing to use it to solve all the major problems faced by the operator
  • building distributed systems with support for geographic redundancy
  • use as a SaaS platform
  • video calling and video conferencing
  • support for various types of VAS
  • support for virtual PBX
  • supportfor SBC functions
  •  support forLESS (Law Enforcement Support System)
  • the possibility ofsoftware migration to the IMS
  • support for elements of Unified Communications
  • presence of a complete package of certificates

Fault tolerance

The basic properties laid down in the architecture of the complex, allowing to achieve the level of reliability of 99.99%, are as follows:
  • flexible dynamic load distribution between the software modules
  • flexible distribution of software modules between the hardware components
  • highly efficient use of computational tools of hardware resources due to software architecture built on parallel computing
  • the possibility of geographical distribution of functional modules
  • complete preservation of the call at any stage of his service in case of failure of any hardware component of the system

Fault tolerance of software modules is achieved by:

  • clustering on a set of available hardware resources with the ability to dynamically reconfigure the cluster
  • using Erlang / OTP, which allows to realize hot software update
  • insulation service processes from each other
  • circuit supervisor-executive, allows immediate restart the software component in the event of an unrecoverable error on it

Fault toleranceis provided by the hardware:

  • the use of high-quality industrial servers
  • using a server cluster
  • the use of stackable switches that ensure reliable data transmission network within the cluster and access to the operator's network
  • using disk RAID arrays
  • redundant power supply elements