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RAKwireless is an industry-leading connectivity provider that builds IoT infrastructure using in-house developed solutions based on cutting-edge LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) technologies.

RAKwireless is a committed market leader in the globally evolving IoT landscape. The company is passionate about eliminating design complexity and accelerating time-to- market for underserved and emerging markets, including open-source and industrial communities. Their goal is to create easy-to-deploy solutions and modular IoT products that are accessible for all. RAK is working to grow a community of system integrators, developers, and IoT solution providers, who are passionate about taking IoT solutions further than ever before.

RAK Modular Edge devices are designed for global IoT, Manufacturing, Smart Cities , and Smart Agriculture markets.

RAKwireless helps organizations and individuals eliminate barriers to connectivity and interoperability through high-performance, energy-efficient solutions that use RAKwireless’ innovative modular components and its unified software interface (RUI).

RAKwireless is committed to its “IoT Made Easy” philosophy, providing customers with cost-efficient and easy-to-use solutions that are developer tested and enterprise-ready.

Shenzhen RAKwireless Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2014. It is based in Shenzhen, China with R&D centers in Beijing and Xi'an. The company collaborates with partners across Asia (India, Philippines, Taiwan), Europe (Bulgaria and UK) and the Americas (U.S.A., Colombia, and Brazil)

RAK Solutions

Around the world, in-numerous things are often not connected to a network because of the constraints of power supply availability at the installation site. This is also the case in rural areas, leaving vast farmlands and scattered cattle unconnected.

The RAK LoRaWAN® solution helps customers to connect all these things cost-effectively.

We help build wireless private networks that go even beyond cellular network coverage.

RAK LoRaWAN® solutions comply with the LoRa technology and LoRaWAN® specification defined by the LoRa Alliance. This operates using unlicensed radio bands and it is specifically designed and optimized for use cases where end devices are powered by batteries for years at a time, propagating data wirelessly over a distance of miles/kilometers.

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