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fusion splicer program is based on good local service support and careful model selection

When choosing the most optimal fusion splitter model, it is first necessary to define for what purpose the device will be used. Rough flooring can be made by defining three basic applications:

  1. FTTx Splicers - Creating and maintaining access networks - FTTx or local area networks (LANs, data centers, video surveillance, ...)
  2. Backbone splitters - Design and maintenance of trunk telecommunication routes
  3. Universal - Creating access and backbone networks.

The choice of model is also significantly influenced by the number of devices needed - be it one unit, or for example 5 or more units .... If more units are needed, it is easier to make the optimal combination even with a more modest budget.

Lastly, and perhaps most of all, local service support is essential when choosing a splitter model.

Selection of fusion splicer models distributed by SIFON d.o.o.

With the distribution and servicing of fusion splicers, Sinfon started in 2016, from the beginning with a strong focus on customer support. The choice of the model was limited to only two universal purpose devices - affordable enough to be used for FTTx or GPON networks (L4 projects), but also precise enough to build trunk lines. These are the famous and popular DVP-740 clad to clad models and the Tumtec FST-83A core to core alignment model. Both models are 4-cylinder units.

Since 2019, two models are being introduced to the program for the most demanding applications, backbone construction. These are models that use 6 motors for precise positioning of optical fibers. Also, a new model for FTTx (FST-18S) is introduced that has outstanding features.

Splicer models that have only 2 motors and are only usable on local (LAN) and access (FTTx) networks are not currently in our product range, but we have experience in servicing them. The introduction of these devices for sale is possible in 2020.


FTTx Fusion Splitter with backbone features

Main Features of DVP-740 - Universal Fusion Splitter

  • Compact construction
  • 4 engines, full automatic mode
  • up to 5000m above sea level, reliable operation
  • SYSTEM TEST ensures that optimal parameters are determined
  • Color LCD monitor
  • Automatic operation may be paused
  • Memory for 8000 splicing results
  • USB interface, DC 12V power supply
  • The high capacity battery enables over 120 welding and continuous heating


Authorized service "UPS Service", has all the necessary spare parts as well as replacement devices

Fusion Splicer DVP-740 (F2H-740 PRO) Splitter 4-Engine Splicer



Fuzioni Splajser Core to core fibre alignment FST-83A


Key Features FST-83A - universal fusion splitter with core to core fiber tuning

Compact construction
4 engines, full automatic mode
up to 5000m altitude, reliable operation, relative humidity 0 - 95%, temperature - 10 ~ 50 ℃ , Wind up to 15m / s
SYSTEM TEST provides the determination of optimal parameters according to pressure and temperature
Color LCD Monitor 5 ”, 500x magnification
Memory for 20,000 splicing results and 200 images
mini USB 2.0 interface,
Power supply AC 100-240V, DC 12-15V
The 5200mAh battery provides over 200 welding and continuous heating

Tumtec battery Fusion splicer - battery Tumtec Fusion Splicer FST-83A fuzioni splajser
Number of fibers Single
Applicable optical fibers SM(ITU-T G.652&G.657) / MM(ITU-T G.651) / DS(ITU-T G.653) / NZDS(ITU-T G.655)
Compatible Fiber / Cable 0.25-3.0 mm / Indoor Cable (0.9mm/2.0mm/2.4mm)
Typical Splice Loss 0.04db
Return Loss >> 60 dB
Lighting 1-3 Powerful White LEDs and illuminated Keypads
Splicing Time 6-8 seconds
Estimated Splice Loss Available
Protection Sleeve Length 20-60 mm
Heating Time typical heating time: 30 sec
Results Storage The last 5000 results
Tension Test 1.5-2.0N
Operating Condition Operating Altitude: 0-5000m above sea level, 0.95% relative humidity, - 10-50°C, Max Wind 15m/s
Storage Condition 0-95% relative humidity, -40-80°C
Display 90° bi-directional view, 5.0" 800*480 Color High Resolution Display with touch screen
Fiber View & Magnification X, Y, XY, X/Y : 400-500X Magnification
Power Supply AC Input 100-240V, DC Input 12-15V
No of Splice / Heating with Battery 5200mAh Battery Capacity, Typical above 280 times (Splice+Heat)
Operating Methods Button / Touch screen
Automatic Calibration Automatic arc calibration by air pressure and temperature
Electrode Life 3500 arcs, can be extended by using an electrode grinder
Terminal USB2.0 / Phone Jack


best REFERENCES are our satisfied customers

  • ENERGOINVEST, Sarajevo
  • DOTnet, Srbija
  • SRBnet, Arandjelovac
  • TRIOPTIK, Beograd
  • OPTONET d.o.o. Beograd
  • Tel4u d.o.o. (TeleGroup d.o.o.)
  • UNIS Telekomunikacije, Mostar
  • TELEMET d.o.o. Beograd


Novi modeli u prodaji od 2019 New 2019 models on sale, including 6-engine models



UPS Service is equipped with spare parts - battery, display, HV module, heater, AC adapter, mirrors, electrodes, oven module, base plate, ... but also with a replacement device.