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Research and Production Company

Micran is expertly specializes in the following key areas of microwave electronics:

  • Telecommunications equipment in the frequency range 150MHz to 90GHz: Radio-relay equipment, broadband wireless systems, mobile communications systems and high capacity Ethernet bridges.
  • Microwave electronics: High resolution RADAR and other microwave complex systems. Microwave modular blocks – multifunctional and Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) modules.
  • Microwave test and measurement equipment: Noise figure analysers, power meters, oscillator testers, precision waveguide and coaxial accessories as well as custom measurements systems.
  • Microwave elements: microwave solid-state elements and components (monolithic microwave integrated circuits on GaAs).


Test аnd Measurement Equipment

"Micran" JSC is the Russian leading microwave electronic measurement company that provided solutions in communications, aerospace and defense markets with first-class test and measurement devices, microwave accessories and hardware-software systems.

Micran Test and Measurement equipment are optimized for the needs of the industry and is comparable in quality with the products of world leaders and provide high quality test and measurement solution in 0 – 50 GHz frequency range.


Navigation Radar

One of the company's achievements in the field of radars is a navigation radar “Reka”, developed specially for river vessels.
Innovations are hiding in every detail of the radar: solid-state TR-module, digital signal processing on board, Ethernet data exchange interface, touchscreen.
Due to broadband solid-state TR-module the radar can detect and identify with high accuracy even small objects (people, ice floe, buoy, etc.), and, more importantly, in various weather conditions (rain, fog or snow).
Technical solutions implemented in the radar comply with international requirements.


Radar Surveillance System

Based upon Micran experience and knowledge in area of radar equipment we have developed a whole range of radar sensors with various operating frequency ranges (X-band, K-band, Ka-band) with expanded scopes of application. These systems may be used to upgrade surveillance systems, including perimeter security, airfield review and counter-terrorism and crime-prevention systems.

MRS series Radars provide primary scanning area using microwave radio, automatic targets detection and tracking using its own resources as well as by controlling cameras and other security sensors.

Joint use of optical and radar sensors can significantly reduce the time of area review and increase the probability of correct detection of the invasion. Coordinate information from the radar site and link to the maps allows you to define areas for protection, prioritize, work under different scenarios.

Radar MRS-1000 and MRS-3000 is designed to control extent territories, water surfaces, borders.

MRS-2000 - ultralight E-scan radar designed to solve the problems of improving the safety of railway crossings, railway tracks near the crowds, and for traffic control systems "Smart city."


Wireless Communication Systems

Today, communication is the most important part of our life. Internet service providers, mobile and fixed telecom operators, enterprise with remote production facilities (e.g. gas-oil companies), public safety companies, government and municipalities are all these segments are need in reliable connection and data communication over a long distance anywhere in the world. So a UFH point-to-point microwave system is the best way to long distance connection. The high cost of use is considerably reduced with UHF radio. It is reliable and time-saving for roll-out. More than these systems in general are easy to use and can be installed anywhere geographically.
Micran presents an excellent product – farLink is a long-haul and high-reliable UHF radio point-to-point solution.
There are two types of farLink: farLink E is full outdoor system transmitting only Ethernet data and farLink P has indoor unit and outdoor units transmitting both TDM and Ethernet data. Both the equipment operate in 400 MHz, and as well in any other frequencies ranges from 150 MHz up to 3 GHz by request of our customers.

FarLink has truly magic spectrum efficiency and provides up to 20 Mbps using just 3.5 MHz bandwidth. farLink is the best way to transmit your data over 100 km distance.

FarLink is a low-cost, long-haul microwave radio point-to-point solution. It provides users with up to 8 Mbps TDM/Ethernet transmitting and a wide range of features that work in non-line-of-sight.