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Gamatronic monofazni UPS Uredjaji

Voltage surges, spikes, and sags are inherent challenges when dealing with mains power sources. Over time, these irregularities shorten the lifespan of equipment and its components. A UPS counteracts these effects and prolongs the life span of your equipment.

The G-NET series is comprised of advanced true online UPS systems which provide clean, reliable, and regulated AC power. The system is designed to support computers and telecommunication systems, as well as industrial control systems.

Models in this series range from 1 – 10kVA, all of which are available in both rack and tower design. The 6 – 10kVA models include an external battery pack.

G-NET series UPS systems are designed to be deployed horizontally or vertically. When deployed horizontally, the device fits into a standard 19” rack, and measures 2U in height. The device can be easily converted to vertical deployment by rotating the control screen by 90°.


  • Clean sinus-wave for users
  • Advanced DCP/CPU controller
  • PFC 0.98
  • Zero transfer time ensures the reliability of the load
  • Local and off-site control via USB or RS232
  • Compatible with SNMP
  • Self-diagnosis and protective functions
  • Protection from non-standard input voltage included in the system