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BACHMANN is a highly innovative, mid-sized company, that develops, manufactures and markets electronic components & systems with a focus on customers. Alongside the highly innovative power management solutions offered by the BlueNet family, technological product highlights include the multi-functional work surface connection panels, some of which have won various international design prizes. As we promise our customers value for money, we also focus on topics of relevance for the future such as power management and energy efficiency for data centres and industry as well as building installation systems.

Founded in 1947, BACHMANN has become a company with a global presence in the electrical engineering industry. Today, BACHMANN operates production sites and development and quality management centres in Germany, Romania and China as well as numerous international sales companies and partnerships. We employ more than 600 people around the world.


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Current and power metering from the comfort of your desk

BlueNet BN3000 is the next generation of BlueNet products. An optimised shape factor, PDUs that can be cascaded via Modbus and a rotatable OLED display create the ideal basis for the energy monitoring system of the future.

The data centre's mains supply is monitored and remotely controlled from the comfort of your desk with BlueNet Network products. BlueNet increases data centre availability, minimises down times and cuts costs.

BlueNet monitors current, voltage and power. This allows resources to be planned efficiently and alarms to be issued in the event of faults.

  • PDUs can be cascaded via Modbus, just one Ethernet connection is needed for 10 PDUs
  • Extremely compact design (1U wide x 60mm deep)
  • OLED display can be rotated
  • Robust housing made from torsionally rigid aluminium profile
  • 1-phase and 3-phase versions
  • 3.6 KW - 22 kW power range
  • Coloured phase assignment of socket inserts
  • Measurement of: Current, power (effective, apparent and reactive power), energy consumption, voltage, frequency, power factor, N conductor
  • Measurement per phase
  • Option for connecting external sensors (temperature / air humidity)
  • Operated locally or using web browser via Ethernet port
  • Protocols: HTTP,v SNMP, Ethernet 10/100 MBit/s, DHCP, NTP
  • Measurement accuracy +/- 1%
  • Internal consumption < 4 W


Power Distribution Units 230 - 400 V / 50 Hz

Development of the IT PDU focused on space-saving PDU integration in the server rack with scope for modular expansion. The high-quality and very robust aluminum profile measures a compact 44 x 47 mm. The space-saving design therefore provides space for data cabling and ventilation for cooling the server rack.
The IT PDUs can be linked together by a simple insertion mechanism, allowing various different plug versions to be combined.


  • Very high packing density (96 A per side)
  • Very good MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • Space-saving (depth: 47 mm)
  • Maximum availability thanks to total physical and electric separation
  • Lockable C13 and C19 sockets
  • Phases identified by color


Power Distribution Units 230 V / 50 Hz

With its IT-PDU 1 U, Bachmann provides a huge choice of PDUs in a high-quality aluminum profile. With their extremely compact size of just 1 U in height, 44 mm in depth and 19" in width, the PDUs can be easily integrated in your IT rack. Their multi-functional mounting brackets allow the units to be mounted in various ways (e.g. inwardly recessed). Our high quality standards ensure that the contact is reliable.

Versions available:

  • Anodized profiles in black or grey
  • End caps rivetted or rewire able
  • Earthing contact and IEC320 socket outlets
  • Various country versions
  • Illuminated 2-pole switch
  • Interlocking of IEC320 plugs
  • 3-way and 12-way variants (no 19" format)
  • Over-voltage protection 6.5KA
  • Mains and frequency filters
  • Protection with miniature fuse
  • 30mA residual current device
  • Miniature circuit breaker
  • Master+slave function
  • Socket outlets set at 35°


  • End caps with additional screw holes for mounting in data racks
  • Additional earth conductor can be connected without opening the housing
  • PDUs in 19" dimensions available
  • Modern, technical design


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Versatility with style

DESK is the ideal solution for data, media and power management wherever workstations need to be flexible. Typical situations might include meeting rooms, home offices or desk sharing environments.

The modular construction of DESK enables it to be factory configured with exactly the communications and power connections required for specific workstations and applications. Thus for power connections there is a free choice of either the flexible Wieland system

or permanent connections. The data connections are fitted with adapters as standard, but can likewise also be fixed connections.

With DESK, versatility is also the order of the day when it comes to positioning and location. They are fixed to the desktop/tabletop by mounting brackets or screws, or can be free-standing: whatever best suits the application and good style.


Setting a design standard

Ideal for conference and training desks, tables and high-grade workstations alike, CONFERENCE is a truly refined and discreet solution for individual access to power and data connections.

When not in use, CONFERENCE is hidden in the top of the desk or table. When you need power or data, simply press with your thumb to release the magnetic catch. The opening flap then swings up. Once you have connected your notebook, projector, microphone, etc. you can close the flap again. The narrow closing flap opposite this adapts to the inserted cables - nothing is squashed and the desk or table stays looking as elegant as before.

CONFERENCE built-in frames are available both for surface mounting (e.g. if retrofitting) and for flush mounting in the tops of desks and tables. When installed under a desk or table, the opening and closing flaps are flush with the tabletop or desktop. As we can supply flaps on request in almost any coating and even ready for veneer finishing, CONFERENCE is able to meet the most stringent of requirements in terms of elegant looks and harmonious design.

Select exactly which configuration of CONFERENCE data connections suits your particular requirements. Power strips can also be interchanged quickly and at any time, without the need for tools. Maximum functionality and top-end design can therefore be adapted to advances in communication technology for many years to come.


The elevator is powered straight away

ELEVATOR fits perfectly in any working environment. At 79 mm in diameter, ELEVATOR is ideal for integrating power and data connections in tiny spaces.

Simply press down with your thumb to raise and lower ELEVATOR. ELEVATOR is available in two versions: with three socket outlets or with one socket outlet and two data connections.

Installation is incredibly simple. ELEVATOR is placed in a cut-out 79 mm in diameter and secured to the desk or table top from below using a lock ring.


  • Press down with your thumb to raise
  • 2 configurations
  • Suitable for standard 79 mm hole
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • Nickel-plated, brushed aluminum
  • Classic design
  • For desk or table top thicknesses of 16 - 40 mm