GAMATRONIC Power+Premium 60

The Power+ Premium 60 is an innovative modular
system with an attractive modern design. High end
technology provides the customer with greater
power and increased efficiency via an enhanced
modular system.


Power+ Premium 60 is a modular 15–60 kVA UPS system with
a proven design. Easily upgradable on-site through addition
of plug-and-play 15 kVA modules, Power+ Premium 60 is a
parallel redundant UPS.
The system is comprised of 1 to 4 modules of 15 kVA each, a system controller and a static switch module.
Power+ Premium 60 offers the optimal combination of efficiency, economy, and usability – and boasts
the industry lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and fastest ROI (Return on Investment).

• Faster communication between the power modules and the controller
• Increased stability of current sharing between modules
• Lower internal dc working voltages
• Fast recognition of and reaction to power surges and spikes
• Improved communication between the static switch and the controller
• Fast transfer time between inverter and bypass modes
• Additional circuit redundancy
• Fits into 19’’ cabinet
• UPS and battery cabinet can be fitted together as a tower for smaller footprint