FIM-5 Fiber Microscope


FIM-5 Fiber Microscope is used to inspect end-face of fiber optic connectors. It magnifies 125um fibers 400 times, enlarging picture through a video signal to the display where the status of fiber end-face is showed clearly.
Not only portable and easily in-hand, FIM-5 Fiber Microscope is also multi-functional. It can detect simplex and duplex fiber ends located in both male and female connectors. Also, working stably is it’s another feature. It eliminates the need to find solutions for hard-to-reach areas inspection, which can detect connectors even installed on the backside of patch panels or inside hardware devices, providing you a completely convenience for checking .


Fiber Microscope Probe:
1. Consistent alignment, simple to operate
2. Unidirectional focusing, quick and accurate imaging.
3. 400X magnification, clear image

1. Small, light, and portable
2. Changeable high capacity batteries
3. Photo, video and record tested fiber
4. Brightness and Contrast adjustable