FIM-1 Fiber Microscope is used to inspect end-face of fiber optic connectors. It magnifies 125um fibers 200 times, enlarging picture through a video signal to the display where the status of fiber end-face is showed clearly.
Not only portable and easily in-hand, FIM-1 Fiber Microscope is also multi-functional. It can detect simplex and duplex fiber ends located in both male and female connectors. Also, working stably is it’s another feature. It eliminates the need to find solutions for hard-to-reach areas inspection, which can detect connectors even installed on the backside of patch panels or inside hardware devices, providing you a completely convenience for checking .

1. 960×240 definition, 3.5 inch LCD monitor
2. Power run-out alarm
3. Magnetic attachment to equipment
4. Battery safe and high volume, ≥5 hours continuous working time
5. 0.3mm*0.3mm observable areas, 2mm*2mm adjustable areas