FHP3P01 PON Optical Power Meter

As the industry’s advanced PON-specific power meter, FHP3P01 PON Power Meter is the flagship of Grandway’s line of testing instruments specifically intended for FTTH and FTTP systems. It is the ideal tool for FTTH/FTTP service activation and troubleshooting


Service Activation Testing:
Optimizing network reliability requires that all PON signals be measured all the way through service activation to ensure they meet established standards. FHP3P01 offers the features to address this need:
1. Pass-through connection for ONT signal measurement and simultaneous measurement of all PON signals.
2. Filtered detectors for individual measurement of each wavelength.
3. Upstream burst detection at 1310nm.

Troubleshooting Testing:
Throughout the maintenance phase, various transmission problems, like fiber cuts, damaged/dirty connectors, macro bending, optical transmitter failure, etc. may ultimately cause signal loss or degradation. Benefit from FHP3P01 troubleshooting functionalities:
1. Quick, on-site test and measurement of PON signals, anywhere on the network.
2. Fault identification and isolation.

1. Hand-held and battery operated
2. FTF LCD Display with high resolution
3. Filtered measurements with distinct power display
4. Simultaneous measurement and display power lever of 1310,1490,1550nm WL
5. Pass/fail function available. Up to10 user defined threshold
6. Ability to upgrade software through USB interface
7. 1000 sets data storage
8. Software to generate Test Report