1. Hand-held and portable
2. High cost performance
3. 5-inch HD touch screen
4. Simple interface and one-button testing
5. Long working hours
6. Support multi-languages


1. CATV network testing
2. Access network testing
3. LAN/WAN network testing
4. Metro network testing
5. Lab and Factory testing
6. Real-time troubleshooting

Easy testing with FHO3000 series OTDR:
With its lightweight design and user friendly dimension, FHO3000 series OTDR is perfect for the outside
plant environment and can be easily operated with one hand.
FHO3000 series OTDR ensures accurate and complete fiber evaluation while the testing requires only
one key to start, allowing anyone to proceed error-free testing. Its ease of use, low price, high resolution
and compact size make it be a qualified tester in installation, operation and maintenance of optical
networks, and also save you a lot of money and time.
Ideal for short fiber application:
It is hard to find a high cost effective OTDR to test short fibers. Normal Fault Locators in short spans lack
the resolution while common OTDR are too large, expensive and complicated.
FHO3000 series OTDR from GRANDWAY meets this need by providing all features and performances
required for installation and maintenance of short fibers in a compact and mini handheld test set.
FHO3000 series OTDR represents an unmatched level of value and ease of use, but doesn’t
compromise performance.