POWER RANGE: 10 – 40 kVA
No. OF PHASES: 3:3


· Computers network
· Data processing centers
· Industrial equipment
· Clusters
· Tele information systems
· Automation and control systems

Technology True On-Line Double Conversion Technology provides perfect
output voltage parameters, regardless of the input voltage and the load.
Rectifier IGBT the most advanced technology which provides very load
THDi and high power factor.
Automatic bypass provides continuous load supply in critical conditions,
such as overheating or inverter failure.
Maintenance bypass enables service handling without necessity of shutting
off the load.
RS232, RS485, MODBUS for UPS and load supervision and control,
DryContact alarm indicators; work with BMS system
SNMP integration with systems management network NMS.
Remote emergency power off (REPO) provides remote shutting off the
load and UPS in the case of emergency.
Emergency power off (EPO) on UPS provides very quickly shutting off the
load and UPS.
LCD control panel displays UPS and power parameters as well as hundreds
of useful information.
Small dimensions requires small area for unit operation.
High efficiency (>95%) reduces heat dissipation and limits power
consumption costs.
ECO-Mode gives possibility of significant cost reduction and in practice
stops heat emission.
Automatic diagnostics and fully digital control (2x 32bit DSP) ensure that
components and parameters are controlled without user interference.
High input power factor 0,99 reduces the value of current drawn from the
The highest output power factor up to 1,0 for 10-15-20-40 kVA allows load
of versatile characteristics to be powered.
Wide input voltage range for normal mode ensures that batteries are used
only if necessary – in fact, only when the input voltage is completely lost.
Wide input frequency range for normal mode gives possibility for seamless
operation with different power sources – as mains or the generating set.
Simple maintenance microprocessor control and 24/7 operation mode
means that unit does not require specialized handling.
Advanced battery management gives reliability of optimal charging and
using batteries, elongates its lifetime and reduces operating costs.
Excellent voltage quality is provided by 3level IGBT inverter ad high
frequency PWM technology, the output voltage has always stable
parameters independent of input disturbances and the load characteristics.
Advanced software provides to customer full control of unit and load.
User configurable settings enable user to set nominal voltages, frequency,
preferred operating modes.
Redundancy configurations:
– parallel for capacity or redundancy
– Hot Standby