The CHAT 50 connects to a
wide variety of devices for hands-free communications and audio
playback. A perfect personal solution for road warriors and others
who want rich full-duplex audio that is portable and economical.


Internet Telephony
++ Skype, Vonage
Enterprise Telephones
++ Avaya, Cisco, Inter-Tel
VoIP Softphones
++ Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Mirial
Cell Phones
++Motorola, Nokia
Web Conferencing
++ IBM/Lotus Sametime
++Microsoft Live Meeting,
Instant Messenger
++ AOL, Microsoft MSN, Yahoo
Desktop Video Conferencing
++ Polycom, Sony, Tandberg
Audio Playback
++ iPods
++QuickTime, RealPlayer
++Windows Media Player
PC-Based Gaming
++ TeamSpeak

Crisp, Clear Audio
++ Advanced ClearOne audio processing technologies deliver remarkably rich, full audio for
business class performance
++ True full duplex performance allows user to listen and speak at the same time without
audio cutting in and out
Multiple Uses
++ Laptops, Macs and PCs – connect via USB for hands-free audio for:
>> VoIP softphones
>> Instant Messaging audio chats
>>Web conferences
>> Audio playbacks
>>Online gaming with TeamSpeak
++ Telephones – enjoy significant audio quality improvement over built-in speaker
++ Cell phones – get full-duplex performance without a headset
++ Desktop video conferencing – obtain economical full-duplex performance over built-in
++ iPods & MP3 players – full-band frequency response delivers impressive audio
Hands-free Comfort
++Move around freely without being tethered to PC or telephone with headset
++ Avoid discomfort to ears and fatigue caused by prolonged headset use
++ Device is slightly bigger than a pack of cards, allowing for easy travel
++ Variety of accessories available to enable multiple connection options
++Great for desktop, travel, or home use